Guatemala 2009: My 3-Part NZ Herald Series With Mayan Ruins, Colonial Architecture & Hidden Waterfalls

In 2009 I explored Guatemala in Central America with Intrepid Travel, Flight Centre and the New Zealand Herald. Find out about some of the most impressive Mayan ruins in the world, adorable island towns in the centre of lakes, hidden waterfalls that pour pummelling hot water from above into chilly water below, where the best showers in all of Guatemala are, the wonders of the colonial town Antigua, my bizarre battles with altitude sickness and the humbling experience of a village home-stay.

NZ Herald Guatemala Article 1: Contrasting tales from one of the wealthiest towns in the Guatemalan highlands as well as one of the poorest.

NZ Herald Guatemala Article 2: Seeing some of the most fascinating and significant Mayan pyramids and ruins in the world.

NZ Herald Guatemala Article 3: A jungle resort with Guatemala’s best showers, not to mention a close proximity to a unique waterfall with hot falling water into a cool pool below.

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