George Michael’s Perfect Gift For Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding

As we speak the crowds are gathering outside London’s Westminster Abbey for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I inadvertently snuck into Westminster Abbey without paying back in 2006 (which takes some doing – much easier by accident than intentionally I gather) and the beauty and history of the building was awe-inspiring. Needless to say, standing in a 1000 year old church which doubles as a cemetery to some of history’s greatest figures like the abolitionist William Wilberforce is slightly more inspiring than the 1980s box that was the Massey Presbyterian Church in West Auckland.

1900 invited guests will be there today including George Michael who made news this week by revealing that his gift to William and Kate is a specially recorded song, a remake of Stevie Wonder’s You And I (from 1972’s Talking Book). A long time fan of Stevie Wonder, this is the third time by my count that George has covered one of his hero’s songs. The other two songs date back to the 90s when he remade the spiritual yet pessimistic They Won’t Go When I Go (originally from Stevie’s 1974 Fulfillingness First Finale, remade in 1990 on Listen Without Prejudice) and the uplifting As (originally from 1976’s Songs In The Key Of Life, remade in 1999 on Ladies And Gentlemen).

No doubt other celebs like Elton John and Rod Stewart will be there and it will be interesting to see what gifts those two give. I’ll never forget an interview done in the 80s where Elton was making fun of Rod’s gift giving abilities. Apparently one year Elton had given Rod something like a Rembrandt for Christmas and Rod had given Elton a juicer. Ha! Good on you Rod.

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