Hall & Oates Song Of The Day – The Original ‘Everytime You Go Away’

Today’s Hall & Oates song – Everytime You Go Away – is one of seven US number one hits they wrote, though the only one of those seven they didn’t perform. Originally an album track from their breakthrough commercial smash Voices in 1980, Paul Young covered the song in 1985, taking it all the way to the top. Young kept the melody but cleverly added a repeating piano riff that gave the song the pop-smarts to make it a smash.

This version is a from a live performance in Tokyo in 1988 and features H&O in all their late-decade hair glory. Just another reminder of their underrated prowess as pop songwriters and conversely Hall’s justified reputation as one of the finest soul singers, white or otherwise, of them all.

For the record, here are their six other Billboard Hot 100 US number one hits:

Rich Girl (1977)
Kiss On My List (1980)
Private Eyes (1981)
I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (1981)
Maneater (1983)
Out Of Touch (1984)

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