Barry Gibb’s First Solo Tour – The Time The Bee Gees Did Simon & Garfunkel Better Than Simon & Garfunkel

With advance tickets to Barry Gibb’s first solo concert tour (Australia, February next year) having just gone on sale, I couldn’t not draw attention (yet again) to one of the lesser known treasures in the Gibb catalogue.

The Mythology tour will be tinged with sadness with Barry coming to terms with the fact he is (as he calls it) the “last man standing.” In an emotional interview aired on Australian TV last weekend, Barry was reduced to tears when shown footage of him, Robin and Maurice singing as children. But as much as he has suffered the tragic incongruity of losing all three of his younger brothers, Barry has been blessed with a large family himself, listing his children and grandchildren as his greatest achievement. Of that offspring, son Stephen will be joining him on tour and so too Maurice’s beautiful daughter Samantha.

Here is a song I would love Barry to perform live with Samantha Gibb on harmonies. The song was originally a B-side for Barry and Maurice in 1969 during the time Robin had quit the group and all three brothers were suffering at the hands of what they later described as “first fame syndrome.” Despite whatever turmoil was going on in their personal lives, Barry and Maurice came up with a folk-pop song of extraordinary beauty which would’ve done Simon and Garfunkel proud. A humble love song with a simple, sweet metaphor, this is Sun In My Morning.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lovely song

  2. Marita says:

    Beautiful song and voices.

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