Pam Corkery’s Birthday – What Terrifies My Co-Host The Most, Plus The #1 Song The Day She Was Born

Today is my co-host from The Two Pam Corkery’s 56th birthday and in case you missed it, here is the link to today’s New Zealand’s NZ Herald where she was featured in the 12 Questions segment.

Besides the obvious highlight of her mentioning my name, Pam reveals why she’s glad she abandoned the brothel-for-women business idea (so am I), says what terrifies her the most and explains one of the things her mother taught her which still resonates.

Because it’s Pam, not surprisingly today’s 12 Questions is funny, but it is also honest, blunt and poignant. This is a woman who has survived and right now, things are deservedly good. Good health, good man, good writing, good co-host (humbly said) and ratings* neither of us can scarcely believe.

Happy birthday Pam! Here is the song that was US #1 the day she was born and not a bad one either:

*Ratings increased for Newstalk ZB’s The Two (Sunday evenings 9pm-midnight) from 13% market share in Auckland all ages 10+ one year ago to 19.4% six months ago to 25.7% where they are now – almost triple that of the second top-rated competitor. During the same period my Thursday – Saturday morning overnight shifts have also increased from 15% market share to 24.8%.


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