Ratings For Newstalk ZB’s ‘The Two’ Go Through The Roof

Pam Corkery

Just a quick entry to say a heartfelt thanks to two colleagues and friends. One year ago, the Sunday evening 9pm-midnight show on Newstalk ZB was the number one rated show for its timeslot in New Zealand with a percentage of the Auckland listening audience at 13%.

Six months later the show had morphed into something called The Two and was still number one nationwide, but this time with 19.4% of the Auckland audience.

Which brings us to today. Once again number one nationwide, but now The Two has 25.7% of the Auckland audience. 25.7%. Second spot is on 8.7%.

So with that, thanks to Dallas Gurney for bringing me back to New Zealand radio and for cooking this whole thing up, and to Pam Corkery, for giving me the sort of ratings I never thought possible. And of course, thanks to you if you listen – hugely, hugely appreciated.

This job brings with it some pretty mighty challenges, but co-hosting this show with Pam is about as much fun as you can have in broadcasting. And on days like today, incredibly rewarding.

Thanks again, see you at Burgundy’s!


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