Pam Corkery Meets Her Barry Gibb – Russell Brand On ‘The Two’

Today Pam Corkery met her Barry Gibb. In an interview to be played on this Sunday evening’s episode of The Two (Newstalk ZB, 9pm-midnight), you will get to hear quite possibly the most excited version of Pam to date. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all, especially when the man to cause this is the fantastically intelligent and uniquely inspiring comedian Russell Brand.

I told him we only interview the biggest of the biggest names on our show, with Barry Gibb on The Two a couple of weeks ago setting the precedent and now him. I hit Russell with a strange and semi-redundant sentence to do with Barry being my biggest hero and Russell being Pam’s biggest hero, therefore “Barry is my Barry Gibb and you are Pam’s Barry Gibb.” Everyone needs a Barry Gibb, even Barry Gibb.  And Barry Gibb is definitely my Barry Gibb. Thankfully for all parties involved he took this humbly for the curious piece of praise it was and against the odds, we successfully moved on.

All that aside, the best part of the interview you will hear on Sunday night and it centres around Russell’s thoughts about fellow comedian Ricky Gervais (a man he greatly admires) and his ever-increasing crusade for atheism. Even devotees of Russell Brand’s astonishing stream of consciousness utterances on spirituality and the meaning of life will be amazed by the response he gave. Be listening.

Russell Brand is in New Zealand on his ‘I Am A Walrus’ tour, playing Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton.

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