Pink’s Domestic Violence Ballet ‘Try’ – Her Greatest Song Yet

A still from the video for Try.

Just a short post to follow-up on a discussion Pam Corkery and I had on last night’s episode of The Two (Newstalk ZB, Sunday evenings, 9pm-midnight) about Pink’s latest song, Try. I don’t know a great deal about what constitutes pioneering dance choreography, but as far as I can gather, the “Love Gone Wrong / Domestic Violence Ballet” genre has prior to this video been untapped.

The video is so intense that Pink’s own mother said she was “speechless,” and there’s no doubt seeing your daughter in this way wouldn’t just wash over you.

Pink bugs me a little because she has a great voice and a fine ear for a pop hook – indeed she is so massive in this part of the world that she easily sells more albums per capita in Australia than any other country in the world – but litters her songs with a Nicki Minaj-like potty mouth. Songs like her hit Perfect exist in two parallel worlds: one where the anthemic pop ode to self-belief tells you to never believe that “you’re less than, less than perfect,” and the other where not to think “you’re less than, f*cken perfect.” Being that the radio version was the clean version, it’s not as if the song required the f-bomb to get to the top of the charts. Do pop singers now really use f-bombs for the alleged street cred. a warning sticker on your album gives you? What’s the point in dropping bombs if you don’t have to?

All that to one side, Try is (unusually for Pink) cuss-free and even without it’s groundbreaking video, one of the best pop songs of 2012. Add that video to the mix and it’s one of the more remarkable songs this prolific artist has recorded, not to mention arguably her bravest.

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