First Person In The World To Be Cured Of HIV

Paul Michael Glaser

In breaking news today there are reports out of the States that a 2 year old girl has become the first person in the world to be cured of HIV. It is too soon for this to be fully verified, but click here to read CNN’s take on this potentially incredibly news.

Here are also two further links to articles of mine which discuss HIV. This first is one of the top 10 most read posts on The Roxborogh Report and is about the original Starsky Paul Michael Glaser from pioneering 70s cop drama Starsky & Hutch and how he dealt with the loss of both his wife and daughter to HIV / AIDS.

The second article is a more recent entry regarding a moral panic which enveloped a community in Northland, New Zealand when they discovered an HIV-positive child was attending kindergarten. At the time I wrote how it was curious that human nature means we let our ignorance dictate our fears rather than arming ourselves with facts.

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