Azerbaijan The New Dubai? Baku To The Future

Azerbai Jove.

Azerbaijan got a mention on The Two last night (their kids are the best slept in the world, Kiwi kids the second most sleep deprived after the States) and there may’ve been a joke speculating why those Azerbaijan kids hit the pillow so hard. That joke may’ve invoked Biblical imagery involving a long day carving stone.  However, considering the importance of this being Azerbaijan’s debut appearance on the 18 month old The Two, it got me thinking if we’d perhaps not painted an accurate picture.

Well, we might not have been too far off the mark – there definitely is a lot of handiwork going on in Azerbaijan, but it appears to be of more Dubai / Shanghai nature than we thought. And maybe the kids are involved with the building of these scarcely believable projects?

Perhaps not quite yet, but by 2015 the capital Baku could well be on the radar as a place to visit if you like being blown away by modern architecture. That is the year the so-called “Death Star Hotel” – variously known as the Half Moon Hotel or Full Moon Hotel – will be completed. This is part of a further project called Crescent City which looks as space-age as any hotel on the planet. Add to that the almost finished Flame Towers and people will be calling the city Baku To The Future.*

*Not necessarily.

Burt Bakurach’s favourite skyscrapers.


Azerbai Crikey.


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