The Roxborogh Report Hits 250,000 Visitors – An Extraordinary Stevie Wonder Song For Nelson Mandela

With Stevie Wonder, Ronald LaPread (Commodores) and Clare Healy, 2008.

This week the two-and-a-half year old Roxborogh Report had its 250,000th visitor. When I first started this music and travel blog back in Canada late in 2010 it was getting about 1,000 hits a month, making the possibility of hitting 250,000 more of a 20-year plan than what it’s turned out to be.

From initially averaging 1,000 hits a month, to 2,000 a month two years ago, to 6,000 a month one year ago to almost 50,000 a month now, many thanks for reading. Part of the fun is seeing where visitors to the Roxborogh Report come from, with hits everywhere from Latvia to Guatemala to Azerbaijan to Spain to Russia to Singapore. The USA, New Zealand and the UK are the top three markets with the USA accounting for 40% of all page impressions.

And it must be said, my devotion to the brothers Gibb has led to Bee Gees fans the world over making regular visits, not to mention Commodores fans, Stevie Wonder fans, Bruce Springsteen fans, Hall & Oates fans, Paul Simon fans, U2 fans, Fleetwood Mac fans etc etc etc.

Something I’ve always tried to do on The Roxborogh Report is link current affairs to music – this is an absolute passion. So often music can articulate matters more effectively than merely the spoken word. With that in mind, here is another song for the ailing Nelson Mandela, whose family have said they are praying for a “peaceful and perfect end.” Quite possibly my favourite song of all time, capable I’m sure of converting – even if only briefly – the staunchest of atheists, this is Stevie Wonder’s* extraordinary Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away from 1974’s Fulfilligness First Finale.

Why must my colour black make me a lesser man?
I thought this world was made for everyone
He loves us all, that’s what my God tells me
And I say it’s taken Him so long
Because we’ve got so far to come

*Stevie Wonder fans will be pleased to know he is reportedly working on not one, but two studio albums – his first in a decade. One will be a more conventional album pop / R&B album, the other a promise to his late mother – a full, original gospel album.

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