What Makes Myanmar’s Inle Lake So Remarkable – Part 2 In My NZ Herald Series + 25 Favourite Photos


Cage-net fishing, Intrepid tour of Myanmar, Inle Lake.


Located in central Burma, this is a place where everything is floating – floating villages, floating markets, floating restaurants, floating resorts, floating temples, floating factories, floating gardens. After the world famous temple-plain of Bagan, Inle Lake is the most popular tourist site in Burma.

If you click here you can link to the published New Zealand Herald article and read how capsizing on the lake at high speed seemed like a certainty, though not only was the crisis averted, it turned out to be entirely intentional. The article also explains what the biggest town in the region (Nyaung Shwe) is like and where to find my favourite restaurant.

Enjoy the photos – these are my 25 personal picks from my time at Inle Lake. And thanks again to Intrepid Travel, Flight Centre and StudentFlights.co.nz for putting together this adventure.


























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