Sunset In Bali – My 10 Favourite Photos


I’ve noticed lately that some people claim to be sick of endless social media sunset photos. Well here are some more! If you’re already thinking of where to go for your winter holiday later in the year, then maybe these Bali sunset photos I took in 2012 might sway you.

I love Bali, particularly places in and around Ubud and just north and south of Kuta. In fact, anywhere except Kuta. Unless bogans, booze and bad hotels are your priority.

Outside of Kuta’s backpacker ghetto, the Balinese get hospitality as well as any culture in the world. And thanks to that, the reality of upmarket areas like Seminyak still being pretty rough around the edges is overlooked by many tourists. I’ve stayed in villas in Seminyak as opulent as any I’ve seen in the world and had $30 a night cottages overlooking rice paddies in Ubud just as intoxicatingly ambient. Maybe more-so. A great place, enjoy the photos.











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