RIP Charlotte Dawson – Elton John’s Blistering Attack Against Trolls, ‘All The Nasties.’

Charlotte Dawson.

So sad to hear about New Zealand / Australian broadcaster Charlotte Dawson’s death. Whatever the details turn out to be, she was someone long tormented by online abuse. The things we say to each other online are often so staggeringly horrid – hopefully this makes some people think again before typing.

As Elton John said at the start of an Old Grey Whistle Test live version of his 1971 song All The Nasties, “This is a song about criticism.” From the most gospel sounding album in the Elton catalogue – Madman Across The Water – the magic is in the repeating “Oh my soul” lament that steadily builds at the song’s end. Both versions are below. For Charlotte Dawson, RIP.

For more about Charlotte Dawson’s passing, click here to link to the New Zealand Herald.

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  1. Some people just love putting others down to feel better about themselves and now, it's so easy because of the anonymity the internet offers.

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