Coldplay Announce New Album & Release New Single – ‘Magic’

Here’s Magic, the brand new Coldplay song and first official single from their 6th album Ghost Stories – released May 19th. The atmospheric, bass-heavy, partially falsetto-sung ballad is a song I like a lot and wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a slow-burning hit.

Remembering that 2011’s Paradise didn’t fully reveal its charms to people instantly, but gradually crept up the charts before hitting UK #1, 10 weeks after being released.

Magic might not be a #1 hit, but the euphoria of the “oo oo woo hoo hoo” – who doesn’t love a good oo oo woo hoo hoo? –  that comes with the acoustic guitars at the 3:40 mark should be enough to make it at least get close.

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  1. I actually really like this track! Chris Martin is a great singer and the sales of this album are going very well! Personally my most favorite track is a sky full of stars with DJ avicii.

  2. I really like these artists, beautifully sung .

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