Auckland Top 30 – My Favourite Photos 2012-2014

With me normally posting photos from overseas adventures, I thought it was time to showcase the place I’ve called home for 23 of my 32 years. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with a greater metropolitan population of 1.5 million, though the way some Kiwis talk you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a fumbling Mexico City-esque megalopolis.

That’s OK, when you account for a third of an entire country’s population, you’re always going to cop a bit of flak. And granted, there’s much the city hasn’t got right over the decades, but it’s still one of the prettier places you could live. Here are 30 of my favourite Auckland photos from my personal collection, hope you like them.


Rangitoto Island as viewed from Takapuna Beach.


The Britomart area in the CBD.


The reverse angle of the above photo.


The Viaduct harbour.


Smith’s Bush on the North Shore.


Trees in Herne Bay.


Boat sheds in Herne Bay.


Westhaven Marina.


Rangitoto Island as viewed from Auckland’s south eastern suburbs.


The southern end of the Manukau Harbour.


Looking across the Manukau Harbour back to the city.


A fiery autumn sunset, looking towards Birkenhead from the CBD.


The same as above, taken minutes later.


The CBD as viewed from nearby Mt Eden.


The view from Mt Eden towards the Manukau Harbour.


A zoomed in view of the CBD from Mt Eden.


The CBD from Birkenhead.


The CBD from Mt Victoria.


The Skytower at dusk from Albert Park.


One of Auckland’s finest modern apartment towers, Metropolis (as viewed from Albert Park).


The CBD as viewed from the Waitakere Ranges.


Again from the Waitakere Ranges, with the Harbour Bridge and a deceptively large looking Rangitoto.


Fancy yachts, Auckland CBD.


Wynyard Quarter, next to the Viaduct.


Mt Eden back to the city.


The islands of the Hauraki Gulf, including Brown’s Island in the foreground.


One of my all-time favourite photos, the CBD as viewed from Mt Wellington.


The CBD, Mt Eden and Rangitoto in the distance, as viewed from Big King volcano.


Muriwai Beach, West Auckland.


A road leading to Cheltenham Beach, North Shore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All nice isnt it if uou live around those parts. Where are the pictures of South Auckland, motorway gridlock and sad old Queen St with its overkill of cheap Asian "tourist' shops?? Also clever timing to find so few people on beaches etc. Not the reality, sorry

    1. timroxborogh says:

      Hi there, these are 30 of my favourite Auckland photos out hundreds taken in the last couple of years. It would be a bit strange to have motorway gridlock in my top 30 photos! Likewise, photos of cheap tourist shops. As for beaches, there are so many in Auckland that you don't need clever timing to find one with plenty of space. Of course beaches are more quiet Monday to Friday, but Monday to Friday doesn't equal "clever timing."

      Auckland has plenty of problems, but they weren't the point of a piece featuring some of my favourite photos. All the best,


  2. You are an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Andrea says:

    great scenery shots – where are the people shots? next assignment…. 🙂 I love the zoomed out shot showing all the greenery of the city

  4. Sandi says:

    Loving the shot of the boatsheds at Herne Bay! Have you seen Pauahatanui Estuary in Wellington: cute old boatsheds there. But Auckland; mmmm, rollerblading along Mission Bay, walking on Eastern Beach by Bucklands Beach, and the people were soooo friendly the year I was there at uni. Love, love, love it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful shots. Auckland really is very beautiful.

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