Lindsey Buckingham’s Finest Solo Song

Lindsey Buckingham.

Soul Drifter – Lindsey Buckingham (1992)

I’m a soul drifter
And I’m out of this town
Ain’t no use hangin’ ’round
You see
My heart was broken
My part was spoken
Now the ground has opened
All around me
I’m a soul lifter
And it’s out of my hands
So it’s off to other lands
You see
It’s a new dawn
So it’s so long
For the soul lifter
The soul drifter
That’s me

Soul Drifter from Lindsey Buckingham’s 1992 solo album Out Of The Cradle came on my iPod today for the first time in a long time. I remembered how I played it on my final show on Easy Mix before I left to travel the world back in 2010. The lyrics, presumably about Buckingham’s late 80s departure from Fleetwood Mac, are sad. But where the hope lies is that we now know Buckingham would ultimately reunite with the band and the hurt caused by the split and the group’s internal politics would become a thing of the past.

That drama of romance and friction and a backdrop of drugs and incredible success also became folklore for music fans. But the pain was real and these lyrics still resonate for anyone who’s decided to take flight “to other lands” when their heart’s been broken. Easily my favourite solo song by Buckingham, hope you enjoy it.

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