Huge Ratings Increase For Newstalk ZB’s The Two – Almost 50% Audience Growth

Tim Wilson & Tim Roxborogh.

A quick note to say thanks if you ever listen to the Newstalk ZB radio show The Two (Friday and Sunday evenings, co-hosted by Tim Wilson and I). Radio ratings come out twice a year in New Zealand* and Tim and I are thrilled to announce a massive increase in the numbers of people who listen to The Two.

Fridays 8pm-midnight have gone from 9.8% of the listening audience in Auckland (all ages 10+) to 16.8% – one of the biggest ratings jumps of my 16-year career. Mai FM is in second position with 10.8% and rival talk brand Radio Live back in 7th place on 4.1%.

Our three-hour Sunday evening show (8pm-11pm) is on even bigger numbers having gone from 14.2% in the last survey to 20.2% in Auckland. To have one out of every five people who are listening to the radio in the crowded Auckland market is something for which we are truly grateful. Second place on Sunday evenings is The Breeze on 8.8% with Radio Live in joint fourth position on 5.1%.

This now means that Sunday evenings on Newstalk ZB have more than twice the Auckland audience share of the second placed competitor and four times the audience share of the nearest commercial talk rival.

The Two has been the number one rated show all ages 10+ for its time-slots in Auckland from when Pam Corkery and I started it back in January of 2012. These latest ratings are the strongest the show has had since Pam left in May 2014. Thanks again for listening, it’s never taken for granted. And thanks to Tim W for such a ridiculously fun job.

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*Radio ratings in Auckland normally come out twice a year, though 2015 has been an exception with no survey in the first half of the year.

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