Bee Gees Way Favourite Photos – Redcliffe, Queensland 2016

Here are my favourite photos from Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, about 30-minutes drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I was there on Saturday night as part of travel writing trip for the New Zealand Herald, promoting tourism to southern Queensland and in particular, “Queensland Big Sky Country” self-drive adventures. You can see more at

What was so brilliant for me as a mega Bee Gees fan was that when I mentioned this to the good folks at Queensland Big Sky Country, they didn’t hesitate to adapt my itinerary to include where the Gibbs had lived when they first moved to Australia in 1958. After the cold and grey of Manchester, the young Bee Gees thought Redcliffe was paradise. It was in this part of Queensland where Barry, Robin and Maurice took their first strides to stardom that would ultimately yield album sales of 220 million, songwriters of 21 different US or UK #1 hits and success in every corner of the globe.

Bee Gees Way is a 70m walkway tribute complete with statues, murals, album covers, photos and captions – all written by the sole surviving Gibb brother, Barry. Youngest brother Andy is also remembered and there’s a big screen playing videos, songs and interview clips. Best of all, the place is open 24 hours a day so if it’s 3am and you feel the need for some late night Bee Gees blaring in public, then come on down!

All up it’s a very meaningful and sincere tribute to one of the most important acts in music history. Redcliffe has done the Gibb family proud with this and it’s a must visit for Bee Gees fans from all over the world. Enjoy the photos.

For a 90-second video of my walk through Bee Gees Way, please visit

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