My NZ Herald Room Check Article: Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld, Rural Victoria

Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld, Victoria*

Almost a year ago I stayed in a town in rural Victoria so small that the hotel is essentially the entire town. With only 461 people calling Dunkeld home, a substantial chunk of that number have some connection to the historic Royal Mail Hotel.

If you click here you can link to my New Zealand Herald travel article about why the town of Dunkeld, and in particular this hotel, should be on your radar. Just three hours from Melbourne and on the doorstep of Mt Sturgeon and the spectacular Grampians National Park, the Royal Mail Hotel restaurant is also one of the most acclaimed in Victoria. More than that, the property’s wine cellar is said to be a contender for being the most valuable in all of Australia.

Enjoy the article as well as the photos – thanks for reading!






















Click here to read my New Zealand Herald travel article on the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld.

Click here to read my extended Herald On Sunday feature article to Victoria, including more on my time in Dunkeld and Grampians National Park.

Click here to link to the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld’s website.

*Not my own photo. Photo courtesy of the Royal Mail Hotel and Earl Carter.

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