Dodging Kangaroos: NZ Herald Queensland Outback Road Trip + My Top 60 Photos, Incl 19th Century Mansions, Farm Stays, Rainforests, Mud Baths & Statues Of The Bee Gees

The view from Bunya Mountains National Park.

My longest ever published travel article was in Tuesday’s New Zealand Herald – a 3000-word epic about a Queensland road trip I did in May. Given I drove more than 2000ks, it seemed appropriate to go whoppingly large for this piece – I hope you like it!

The article includes mud baths deep in the Outback, dodging kangaroos, exploring 19th century mansions, hiking lush rainforest and a beautiful farm stay I’ve already promised to return to. The adventure comes to a close in Redcliffe where I saw Bee Gees Way – a wonderful tribute to Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb who spent several years there as they made their strides towards fame.

In all I took over 600 photos so the 60 in the below photo essay represent just 10% of my Queensland road trip photo album (close friends and family are already excited about viewing all 600 in one sitting).

Click here to link to the article in the NZ Herald and for my extended photo essay, just scroll below. Special thanks to Qantas and to Queensland’s Big Sky Country Drives – click here for details including self-drive itineraries like the one I did.


The Glengallan Homestead near Warwick – see more at


Rudd’s Pub in Nobby


The excellent Cobb & Co Museum in Toowoomba


Sunset on the Balonne River in St George – click here for river cruise details


Late afternoon river cruising – Balonne River, St George


Typical highway scene, southern Queensland Outback


Having a soak at the Palm Grove Artesian Mud Baths in Eulo


Ian and his ‘Stuff’ shed – Eulo


A fairly common sight on the highways of southern Queensland


The striking dusk colours of Charleville


The famous #casuallean at the Palm Grove Artesian Mud Baths – Eulo


You can’t have a good mud bath without a decent Mexican hat – Eulo


Delcious Queensland watermelon for breakfast at Charleville’s premier accommodation, The Rocks Motel


The endangered bilby – Charleville’s bilby rehabilitation centre


Doing a #casuallean at my favourite bar in all of Straya, Madonna and Lyle’s ‘The Smoke House’ – Bonus Downs Farm Stay


Arguably the most grand 19th century mansion in Queensland – Jimbour House


Still a private residence but with immaculate gardens open to the public – Jimbour House


My balcony view from the Bunya Mountains – click here for accommodation details


Friendly wallabies are easily spotted in the Bunya Mountains


The lush rainforest of the Bunya Mountains


Busting out a #casuallean on a giant bunya tree – Bunya Mountains National Park


An almost South East Asian rainforest scene – Bunya Mountains National Park


Bunya Mountains National Park


The adult Bee Gees looking back on themselves as children – Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe


Rural southern Queensland – in between Brisbane and Warwick


Glengallan Homstead – Warwick


Ensuite bathrooms with beer taps and buckets for sinks! Rudd’s Pub, Nobby


The memorabilia-overflowing Rudd’s Pub, Nobby


A sketch artist at work, Jondaryan Woolshed


Powerlines dancing down a southern Queensland highway


Cotton fields are a common sight – southern Queensland


Flamin’ galahs! As seen from the Sandytown River Cruise, the Balonne River, St George


Sunset on the river – St George


The Sandytown River Cruise in St George is worth it for the sunset colours alone


Another rural highway scene – southern Queensland


Kangaroos darting off into the trees


An emu who decided not to stick around for chat


I was quite a distance from Brisbane at this point in the adventure


A “Queenslander” house


Inside the main homestead at Madonna and Lyle’s delightful Bonus Downs farm stay


One of Madonna and Lyle’s bottle trees – Bonus Downs Farm Stay


An old bus grazing the grass – Bonus Downs Farm Stay


The living room for guests staying at the Bonus Downs Farm Stay – love those church pews at the dining table


The private lake at the Bonus Downs Farm Stay


The largest cattle saleyards in the world – the Roma Saleyards


Sunset in Roma


The swimming pool at Jimbour House


Another chubby bottle tree


Driving towards the Bunya Mountains


Incredible views from the Bunya Mountains


Seeing for miles – Bunya Mountains National Park


Sunbathing wallabies in the Bunya Mountains


Bunya Mountains accommodation visible amidst the rainforest


The 4WD Nissan that successfully got me through the Outback


Sunset in the Bunya Mountains is spectacular


Sunset in the Bunya Mountains


Catching up with some friends, Bunya Mountains National Park


Oversized tree roots, Bunya Mountains National Park


Crane Wines in Kingaroy – a charming little B&B and winery


Ending the trip with a #casuallean on Barry Gibb – Bee Gees Way, Redcliffe


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  1. Anita Clark says:

    Fantastic pictures of Queensland's Big Sky Country!

    1. timroxborogh says:

      Thanks Anita! Was perfect weather virtually the entire trip, had such a great time.

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