1 Million Hits For The Roxborogh Report – The Most Popular Posts & Where In The World The Blog Is Most Read

Tim Roxborogh

Last week my music and travel blog The Roxborogh Report reached one million total hits. Five years ago I remember thinking the passing of 10,000 hits was worth celebrating, so to pass one million is something I’m pretty thrilled about, not to mention thankful for. So a big thank you if you’ve ever visited and I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos, the destinations and the music musings.

Through the course of nearly six years and exactly 400 posts, the top 10 countries for The Roxborogh Report are a combination of who you’d expect as well as a few surprises. More than 55% of my total web traffic has come from the USA with my home country, New Zealand, in second place on 15%. In third spot it’s the UK with 5.1%, then Germany on 2.7% in fourth with Australia rounding out the top five with 2% of the total traffic.

France and Canada (sixth and seventh) are both sitting at 1.2% with the Netherlands in eighth on .7%. And for whatever reason, my thoughts on popular music and travel have proved popular enough in both Russia (ninth) and the Ukraine (10th) to give both those countries .6% of my total hits.

In more recent years The Roxborogh Report has generated good support from Brazil and the UAE and I hope to grow these markets further in the years to come. But wherever you’re from and whether you’ve visited once or a hundred times, thanks again. I hope you’ll come back soon.

Here are my five most-read music posts with my most-read travel posts below:

RoxboroghReport.com Top 5 Music Posts:

1: Barry Gibb And Spirituality: One Of His Most Emotional, Revealing Interviews – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2012/10/barry-gibb-spirituality-one-of-his-most.html

2: Whatever Happened To 5-Time Grammy Winner Christopher Cross? – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2010/10/whatever-happened-to-5-time-grammy.html

3: Chris Martin Calls Stayin’ Alive ‘The Greatest Song Of All Time’ – Barry Gibb’s Surprise Glastonbury Performance With Coldplay – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2016/06/chris-martin-calls-stayin-alive.html

4: The Redemption Of Cliff Richard – Why His Singing At Cilla Black’s Funeral Resonated So Much – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2015/08/the-redemption-of-cliff-richard-why-his.html

5: 25 Years Since Andy Gibb’s Death – A Remarkable, Lost Song –   http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2013/03/25-years-since-andy-gibbs-death.html

Barry Gibb and Tim Roxborogh, Napier, NZ, 2013.

RoxboroghReport.com Top 5 Travel Posts:

1: Tim’s Guide To Luang Prabang – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2011/05/tims-guide-to-luang-prabang-quite.html

2: Skyscrapers And Jungle – Kuala Lumpur In 2015 – My Top 50 Photos – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2015/08/skyscrapers-jungle-kuala-lumpur-2015.html

3: Kuala Lumpur In The 1960s – Rare Video Footage – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2011/05/kuala-lumpur-in-1960s-rare-video.html

4: A Monk, A Motorbike Crash And A Mad Mission To Deliver Schoolbooks – Adventures In Laos, 2010 – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2015/05/a-monk-motorbike-crash-mad-mission-to.html

5: LA 2014 Top 50 Photos, Including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Downtown, Beverly Hills, The Getty Center And Santa Monica – http://www.roxboroghreport.com/2014/06/la-2014-top-50-photos-including.html

LA, 2014.

Contact: For story ideas or proposals please reach me at tim@roxborogh.com. The Roxborogh Report has consistently averaged 20,000 monthly hits for the past three years and has totaled more than one million overall views. I take all my own photos when on travel assignments with my images regularly published in the New Zealand Herald and Let’s Travel magazine.

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