Why The Bee Gees Gave Away So Many Great Songs – My Interview With British Radio Station ‘TalkRadio’ For Barry Gibb’s 70th Birthday

Bee Gees in concert, 1989.

There’s a scandalous rumour doing the rounds that I was in nothing but my underwear while this interview took place yesterday morning NZ time. Scandalous and accurate, though it was 7.20am here and I’d just woken up. Checking my Facebook inbox, there was a message from an old colleague who now works as a producer for a major radio station in the UK called TalkRadio. He was wondering if I wouldn’t mind speaking to hosts The Two Mikes (funnily enough I co-host a nationwide NZ radio show called “The Two” and my co-host is also called Tim) about the legacy of Bee Gee Barry Gibb on the date of his 70th birthday.

So here is that 10-minute interview which covers everything from how I first became a fan, the songwriting process of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb and just why the Gibbs gave away so many great songs to other artists. Hope you enjoy listening and happy birthday to Barry once again. Here is the link:


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