Sydney In Springtime – My Top 50 Photos + My Concrete Playground Feature Article

One Central Park in Chippendale,
as seen from the top of The Old Clare Hotel.

My article in Concrete Playground about me feeling a teeny bit jealous of Sydney – 100 Hours In Sydney: A Trifecta Of Restaurants, Hassle-free Golf & Plant-Tastic Skyscrapers – has just been published. If you’re new to Concrete Playground, it’s an online magazine that has found enormous popularity in both Australia and New Zealand with as many as 750,000 monthly hits. So yes, it’s a great pleasure to write for them.

Click here to link to my article, which also includes a really cool new hotel that’s located in a grand old building, The Old Clare, and info on three very different musicals that are showing in central Sydney theatres.

As the headline suggests, a chunk of the article is about my obsession with One Central Park – one of the most innovative new skyscrapers in the world. By coincidence I happened to be staying across the road from this “plant-tastic” structure and managed to get plenty of images of which you’ll see below.

You’ll also see photos from ‘The Coast’ which is amongst the most scenic and exclusive golf courses in Sydney. I myself am not an especially “scenic” golfer, but I did have a brilliant time with Travis from The article explains how LuxGolf is the easiest way to have a golfing holiday, while also giving you access to the sorts of courses money normally can’t buy. It was a stunning day out and my unintentional trick shot of ricocheting the ball off a rake in a sand bunker and onto the green will live long in my memory.

Thanks again also to these outstanding restaurants who looked after me so well:

Bistrot Gavroche (1/2-10 Kensington St, Chippendale)
LP’s Quality Meats (Suite 1, 16 Chippen St, Chippendale)
Cirrus (23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo)

The images below are my top 50 from my four days/100 hours in Sydney this Spring – hope you like them. And do check out the full feature in

Bistrot Gavroche.


The rooftop of The Old Clare Hotel with One Central Park behind.


Same as above.


My Fair Lady at the Sydney Opera House.


Spice Alley, Chippendale.


LP’s Quality Meats.


With friends at LP’s Quality Meats.


Government House.


Travis from on the ‘The Coast’.


Super swing that.


A #casuallean on ‘The Coast’.





Sydney skyline from Pyrmont.


White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale.


Reception at The Old Clare Hotel.


My bedroom at The Old Clare Hotel.


Breakfast at Kensington St Social at The Old Clare Hotel.


One Central Park.




Downtown Sydney.




Luna Park.


Sydney Opera House.


Fort Denison.


Coastal walk at the Botanic Gardens.


Skyscrapers of Downtown Sydney.


Bistrot Gavroche, Chippendale.


Bistrot Gavroche, Chippendale.


Alleyways of Chippendale.


The Old Clare Hotel.


Foyer at The Old Clare Hotel.


Travis of showing how it’s done.


Another image from ‘The Coast’ golf course that I played thanks to


Same as above.


Super shot that.


Not a bad way to ride – thank you


Same as above.




One Central Park.


One Central Park.


The foyer of The Old Clare Hotel.


Cirrus, Barangaroo.


The outside of Cirrus.




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