Road-Tripping The Florida Keys + The Best Of South Beach, Miami – My Latest NZ Herald Article

Yesterday the Herald On Sunday published my article about Miami and the Florida Keys. Click here to link to it and find out my picks for where to stay, which beaches to visit, what architecture to see and most crucially, whether or not Kokomo (as sung about in the 1988 US #1 hit of the same name by the Beach Boys) is a real place.

The photos below may provide some clues to all of the above. These are my top 50 pictures from my time in Florida in late October/early November last year. A huge thanks to The National Hotel in South Beach (home to one of the longest hotel swimming pools in the USA) for putting us up and for suggesting the convertible Mustang for the Florida Keys road trip. Thanks also once again to Ashley and Therese Gibb for the wonderful meal and the great company – we’ll have to return the favour in New Zealand one day!

Enjoy the photos – my top 50 from Miami and Florida Keys.

Miami & Florida Keys Top 50 Photos:

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