Road Tripping Through South India Part 2: Wayanad To Fort Kochi Top 60 Photos

Part two of my World Journeys southern Indian adventure will be published in the next issue of Let’s Travel magazine, this one starting in the mountainous jungles of the Wayanad region and taking us through to the historic coastal town of Fort Kochi. There was the beauty in seeing such a lush, green side of India that isn’t always associated with the country, not to mention the thrill of thinking I’d seen a tiger in the wild.

There was also the fun of attending a cooking school (Maria’s South Indian Cooking Class comes with ecstatic online reviews) and plenty of grand old buildings to enthrall an architecture buff like me.

I was also very lucky to stay in  a couple of outstanding hotels, both run by CGH Earth Experience. You’ll see more in the photos below, but Wayanad Wild is a newly-built eco-lodge that justifies it’s already great reputation, while Brunton Boatyard in Fort Kochi is perfect for any traveller who loves colonial architecture and old-fashioned luxury. As I write in the article, I’ve promised to return to both hotels with my wife one day and it’s a promise I intend to keep.

Click here to link through to the Let’s Travel website for digital and print subscription details and click here to go to the World Journeys site. You’ll be able to download or order the current issue of Let’s Travel with part one of my India series available as well as additional features on Singapore Airlines and one of the most highly acclaimed airport hotels in the world, Singapore’s Crowne Plaza.

Part one of the series is about Bangalore to Mysore and if you click here you can see my companion Roxborogh Report photo essay.

As far as the photo essay below is concerned, hopefully these photos give a little taster as to why Wayanad and Fort Kochi are such attractive destinations. Keep an eye out for the tree with the tiger scratches!


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CGH Earth Experience Hotels

Maria’s South Indian Cooking Class

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