E-Biking The Waikato River Trails – My NZ Herald Article + Top 20 Photos

A couple of weeks ago the New Zealand Herald published my article about e-biking the new Waikato River Trails. Click here to link to the article to find out why riding these trails was so much fun and why I think Waikato is one of the most underrated regions in New Zealand. Also read about a really cool guesthouse called Out In The Styx (as seen below) with some of the best meals in Waikato. And you’ll discover why the Maungatautari Eco-Sanctuary has been such a successful project.

For me, this was my first time ever on an e-bike and I’m a total convert. The trails are beautiful and it’s crazy to think they didn’t exist until just a few years ago.

Enjoy the article and photos, further links at the end.



Click here for more details about Mercury Energy’s partnership with the Waikato River Trails Trust.

Click here to link to WaikatoRiverTrails.co.nz.

Click here to link to the Out In The Styx guesthouse website.

Click here to find out more about Maungatautari Eco-Sanctuary at SanctuaryMountain.Co.NZ.

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