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  1. Greg Farrell says:

    Fantastic article and I am delighted to hear that the new design has not only met your expectations but also evoked memories of the past. One small point that perhaps you may like to correct in your blog. The design was not inspired by Philippe Starcks M Social Singapore. Whilst the design brief was to meet the brands core DNA message of social and engaging spaces established in Singapore, it was in fact inspired by the very elements you have so correctly touched on, 1970’s New Zealand, Kiwiana and a very strong sense of place and location, bought about from my own personal memories of the building and growing up in Auckland. For the record the Interior Designers for the project were Aedas Interiors.

    1. timroxborogh says:

      Thanks so much for writing and passing on the information so I could amend the article! Hugely appreciated. I’d read an earlier piece that mistakenly credited Starck for the Auckland design, so it is good to now be able to give the appropriate credit. You’ve done a great job! I really love the look of the hotel and hope to stay again soon. All the best and thanks again for writing. Tim.

      1. Greg Farrell says:

        Many thanks Tim. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Jason Wright says:

    Awesome work Aedas Interiors and Greg Farrell.

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