Cat Stevens Live: My NZ Herald Review Of His ‘Intimate And Grand’ Auckland Concert

It’s not everyday you get a retweet from Cat Stevens. Indeed it would be slightly odd if Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam loved your Twitter feed to such an extent. But a one off? I’ll take it. Apparently the man himself liked my review of his Auckland concert late last year and humbly said, that’s a massive thrill for me. In case you missed either the gig or the review or both, here’s a snippet plus a link to the full Herald article:

In between songs the autobiographical banter from the lean, silver-bearded Stevens touched on his faith and the cornerstones that led him to his well-documented conversion to Islam, namely, his near-death experiences with tuberculosis in 1969 and almost drowning in 1977.

That conversion caused Stevens to abandon his fame for more than a quarter of a century, unsure if religion and pop music could co-exist. Eventually he came round to the idea and even though he’s toured regularly the past decade, there’s still a fresh feeling of reflected joy from both artist and audience that these songs are no longer hidden away.

New Zealand Herald Cat Stevens Concert Review – Auckland, December 2018, By Tim Roxborogh

Thanks for reading. And thanks for the retweet Cat/Yusuf!

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