Road Tripping Through South India Part 3: Kerala Backwaters To Trivandrum Top 60 Photos

The third and final chapter in my trilogy of Let’s Travel magazine articles about road-tripping (and boating and training) through the south of India is now out and in the current issue. I travelled with World Journeys and here’s a little taster of the article:

It felt like Jurassic Park. Or probably more specifically, Jurassic World (the fourth instalment in the blockbuster movie franchise) when the two dinosaur-fleeing children, Zach and Gray, stumble upon the original, crumbling visitor centre from the first film. Though we were minus the dinosaurs, it was a lush, jungle-covered island with one of the most fearsome and captivating creatures on the planet. And instead of being a fictitious dot on the map off the coast of Costa Rica, we were in the state of Kerala near the southernmost tip of India.

Find out what that is all about by ordering either a print or digital copy of the December/January issue of Let’s Travel. This portion of the adventure takes place right across Kerala, including the state’s famed backwaters through to the city of Trivandrum and its nearby beaches. This is a beautiful corner of India and the state is rightly proud of things like its standard of living, its treatment of women and having the country’s highest literacy rate as well as its highest life expectancy (77).

Enjoy the photos! Click here to subscribe to Let’s Travel and click here to see more about exploring India with the outstanding World Journeys. And scroll to the bottom to see links to my previous two photo essays on my southern India trip from June 2017.


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