Paul McCartney & The Best Ever Carpool Karaoke

Forget every other Carpool Karaoke, this tops them all. I woke up this morning and this clip with James Corden and Paul McCartney was everywhere on Facebook. The cliche of “if you only watch one thing today, watch this” was used about half a dozen times, just from people I know alone. So here it is!

As to why it’s so special, James Corden feels like all of us in his unfiltered, “I can’t believe this is really happening” way. The moment where Paul explains how Let It Be was inspired by a dream in which his mother Mary spoke to him (“mother Mary comes to me”) is made even more powerful by the connection James has to the song through his grandfather. How Paul handles James’ emotion is awesome.

Otherwise, the real power in this episode comes from the regular Liverpudlians who get such a thrill in unexpectedly bumping into Paul. The joy this man has brought to so many millions of people for more than 55 years is there on the faces of people at the pub where he does a surprise gig, just as it’s there on the faces of the strangers he bumps into on the actual Penny Lane.

Enjoy the clip, have a tissue handy and see below for a link to my review of Paul’s Auckland concert from December last year.

Click here for my New Zealand Herald Paul McCartney review from December 2017.

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