Road-Tripping New Zealand’s Pacific Coast Highway In A Luxury Motorhome – My Top 50 Papamoa To Gisborne Photos


It’s one year since my wife and I baby-mooned up a storm while driving roughly 600-kilometres in a Mighway Motorhome from Papamoa to Gisborne and back again. We took what’s known as the “Pacific Coast Highway” for leg one, before taking the more direct route through the Waioeka Gorge for the return leg home. Both were spectacular.

Click here to read my New Zealand Herald article about the adventure,  starting from the beach in Papamoa and from there on to Whakatane, Ohope, Opotiki, Ohiwa, Hukutaia Domain, Te Araroa, Anaura Bay, Tolaga Bay and finally, Gisborne. 

Mighway Motorhomes

Along the way we became acquainted with stunning, deserted beaches, we saw jungle-like bush, fell for the charms of some of New Zealand’s most remote towns, and in my case – became major disciples of the newly-converted variety when it comes to the joys of luxury motorhomes. We also got to appreciate first hand just how wondrous a creature the stingray is – gentle too.

The whole adventure was extra special given it was laced in the knowledge that this would be the last holiday my then heavily-pregnant wife Aimee and I would take before becoming parents. With Aimee a seasoned camper from childhood days, this was a travel-writing trip where she took the lead instead of me. And sure, while the mere thought of cleaning out the toilet-chamber of a motorhome is still enough to make me have a mild hernia, I now consider myself a bonafide motorhome fan.

Ohiwa Beach

As for how to find the right motorhome for you, we used the website that’s known as being like “the Air BnB for motorhomes”, From all over New Zealand and catering for all budgets, it’s a great system – click here for more. 

Regarding the unforgettable stingray experience we had just north of Gisborne, click here to find out more about the fine folks at Dive Tatapouri.

Thanks so much for reading!

What follows are my top 50 photos from the trip. Once again, click here to read my NZ Herald article about the adventure.

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  1. Lois R Potaka says:

    Awesome pics, it would have been a super trip. The photo looking out to White Island was the view from our kitchen and lounge windows inthe 50’s. I went to high school there and lived at Te Kaha till I was 18 then left home. Amazing life and fishing every weekend , loved it all.

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