You Can Now Stay At The “Tuscany Of The South Pacific” – Mudbrick On Waiheke Island

Mudbrick was one of those places that as soon as I’d heard they’d added accommodation, I knew I had to stay there. This is, of course, liberal interpretation of what “had to” means, but if you know Mudbrick, then you know that the only conceivable thing better than a day-trip visiting this “Tuscany of the South Pacific” would be to stay the night there too.

I described Waiheke Island’s Mudrbick – one of the most famous wineries not just in Auckland, but indeed in all of New Zealand – as the “Tuscany of the South Pacific” in a recent New Zealand Herald travel article, and a quick look at my photos should tell you why. Indeed, long before the owners had ever supplemented their prized piece of wine-growing real estate with luxury accommodation, this wasn’t just a Waiheke must-visit, but an Auckland must-visit too.

For a start, those views. Auckland’s increasingly grown-up skyline in the hazy distance a 35-minute ferry ride away, Rangitoto Island – New Zealand’s youngest volcano at just 600+ years slowly rising from the harbour, the spine of the Coromandel Peninsula tumbling towards the sea; everywhere you look from the envied elevation that is Mudbrick feels like the upper North Island at its very best.

Beyond the views, click here to my NZ Herald article to learn the story of how Mudbrick went from being a bare patch of hillside in the early 90s to where it is today, including the fascinating science behind mud bricks, as well as why this 5-star escape is also at the forefront of the eco-luxury movement.

My article also showcases ‘The Lodge’ – an enormous, 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom creation that loudly announced Mudbrick’s arrival on the Auckland accommodation scene back in 2017. I say loudly, but Mudbrick’s reputation was already so secure that somehow I was the first travel writer for New Zealand’s most-read newspaper to write a feature on them.

The Lodge is huge, so big that whether for its hilltop patio or its spacious, weather-proof internal courtyard, it is a wedding venue in and of itself. Or in our case, the perfect setting for my wife Aimee’s 40th birthday celebrations. And hearing that it wasn’t just toddler-friendly, but that the owners actively encourage guests to bring their little ones was a wonderful surprise.

Again, this is something explained in my NZ Herald article. So get reading and get booking! Yes, at the time of writing, Auckland is – for the first time in a long time – in the midst of a strict Covid lockdown. But encouragingly, the signs are optimistic that once again, New Zealand will continue to be world-leading at dealing with this ghastly virus. And when restrictions are eased – which they will be soon – places like Mudbrick will need our support.


Click here for my NZ Herald article about Mudbrick, published in July of 2021.

Click here for the official Mudbrick website.


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