A luxury, historic villa high above the Dunedin CBD – Airbnb review

I love Dunedin, but I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t always know this was the case. As I wrote in the New Zealand Herald back in July last year, my apology to the “Edinburgh Of The South” was a long time coming, owing to the fact I’ve been a regular visitor ever since my parents first moved there from Auckland over 20-years ago. And now that the truth – and a published apology in the biggest newspaper in the land – has set me free, I’m doing everything I can to spread the word about New Zealand’s seventh largest city.

NZ Herald, July 25, 20211: “Here’s the thing. Dunedin is a geographically blessed, culturally rich city that’s overflowing with surprises whether you’re a first-timer, or whether you’re someone who’s been visiting their folks approximately twice a year for more than two decades. And of late, it’s finally become clear to me that I’ve well and truly arrived at being a bona fide Dunedin fan”.

Indeed, such a bona fide fan that these days, every time I’m back to see the folks, I’m forever trying to make up for lost time by plotting new adventures in new neighbourhoods. As I explained in that Herald article last year, I was guilty of a lack of inquisitiveness about a place I wrongly thought I knew.

This will be reflected in another ode-to-Dunners Herald article soon, focusing on more of the sensational bush walks close to the city centre, including a spectacular waterfall hidden in a gorge that had me kicking myself I’d never visited before*.

In the meantime, here’s the perfect little Airbnb villa that me, my wife Aimee and our two-year old Riley stayed at for our most recent Dunedin trip in mid-December. I say “little”, but this spacious historic villa in the hillside suburb of Roslyn had two large bedrooms, plus a third room for children that came complete with toys and story books.

A portacot was provided for Riley and the high fence of the balcony meant this was an easy and safe place for a toddler. Speaking of the balcony, the villa is surrounded by large native ferns with fantastic views out to the central city and the harbour beyond. The way the ferns sat against our bedroom window almost makes it feel like you’re in a kind of luxury tree house.

That luxury extends to everything from the super king beds to a fully-equipped modern kitchen. There’s a bathtub – always a bonus with a young one – and heat pumps in every room. And throughout the home, some striking art works from across the world (the giant hand bed-side lights particularly caught our eye).

Location-wise, it’s easy to see why Roslyn is one of the Dunedin’s most sought after suburbs. Just a few minutes from the CBD, Roslyn has its own cute village with shops, cafes, a supermarket and playgrounds. It’s also close to some excellent bush walks, but more about that in my upcoming Herald article.

Thinking of a Dunedin holiday? Do it! The combination of history, architecture, culture and nature make for a unique and rewarding stay. Click here for more info on our Airbnb and keep a look out for that next Herald article.


*Nichols Falls in the Leith Valley.


The Airbnb home we stayed at in Roslyn, Dunedin.

Dunedin: Rediscovering the Edinburgh of the South – NZ Herald, July 25, 2021 – Tim Roxborogh

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