The Roxborogh Report is a music and travel blog by New Zealand media professional Tim Roxborogh. Obsessed with popular music (in particular the Bee Gees) since childhood and with a lifelong desire to explore as many corners of the globe as possible, Tim has turned these passions into a blog.

Whether writing about music or travel, Tim loves overturning people’s preconceived ideas and is often focused on the underrated and the overlooked, even if that’s within the mainstream. The Roxborogh Report has averaged 200,000 hits annually since 2013 with almost 1.4 million total hits. Thanks for stopping by! For enquiries please email tim@roxborogh.com.

About Tim:

Tim Roxborogh (37) is a radio announcer, travel/entertainment writer, travel photographer, newsreader and freelance cricket commentator with 20 years major market experience in Auckland, New Zealand. He has travelled around the world (including seven years in Malaysia as a child) with his articles published over 200 times in newspapers and magazines such as the New Zealand Herald, Let’s Travel, Listener, Concrete Playground and Woman’s Weekly. More than 450 additional articles are available here on The Roxborogh Report.

Tim described his philosophy on travel to Let’s Travel magazine in 2016:

“For me, travel is about storytelling. It’s hearing people’s stories and creating your own. It’s the fun when things don’t go entirely to plan. It’s being open to new experiences and the kindness of strangers. It’s about challenging stereotypes and misconceptions. It’s being unrelentingly curious; of wanting to know what’s down that street, what’s behind that door, what’s around that headland and what the view is like from that mountain.”

Career Highlights:

  • Being (at the time) New Zealand’s youngest metropolitan breakfast host (Easy Mix FM, aged 26, 2008).
  • Record ratings with co-host Tim Wilson for Sunday evenings on Newstalk ZB with the highest Auckland figures (23.7% all ages 10+) going back at least 10 years (2016).
  • Nearly doubling ratings in less than a year with Newstalk ZB co-host Pam Corkery (2012).
  • Establishing own digital soul and R&B iHeartRadio station (‘Coast Soul’ – 2016-2018).
  • Weekly columnist in New Zealand’s most-read newspaper, the New Zealand Herald (‘Travel Bugs’ – 2017-2019).
  • Winning a New Zealand Radio Award with former Commodores bassist Ronald LaPread (Best NZ Produced Music Feature – ‘All About Soul’ – 2008).
  • Commentating international and domestic cricket for Radio Sport, Sky Sport and NZC.nz (2015-2019).
  • Newstalk ZB’s ‘Larry Williams Drive’ Academy Awards correspondent, live from Hollywood (2018).
  • Concert reviewer for the New Zealand Herald, including Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cher, Cat Stevens and Queen (2017-2019).
  • Securing seven interviews with Bee Gee Barry Gibb (2005-2016).
  • Surpassing 1,000,000 total page hits for RoxboroghReport.com (2016).

Beyond the interviews with his greatest music hero Barry Gibb, Tim has interviewed everyone from Prime Ministers to sporting legends to numerous showbiz stars. These have included Fleetwood Mac, Lionel Richie, Duran Duran, Sheryl Crow, Russell Brand, John Mayer, Burt Bacharach, Russell Crowe, Cliff Richard, Michael Buble, Hall & Oates, Brian Wilson and many others. Click here for a montage of highlights from some of those interviews.


Tim co-hosts ‘The Weekend Collective’ every Saturday and Sunday 3pm-6pm on New Zealand’s number one rated commercial talk station, Newstalk ZB. When not travelling, Tim freelances Monday to Friday as a talkback host for Newstalk ZB, a music radio host for Coast and a newsreader and traffic announcer for all the stations in the NZME stable.

For the past few summers, Tim has done cricket commentary for Radio Sport, Sky Sport (TV) and NZC.nz (live-streaming).

For examples of Tim’s on-air work, please scroll through the Audio & Video page.


Tim writes the weekly New Zealand Herald newspaper column ‘Travel Bugs’, with the tagline, “the joys of moaning about your holiday”. The New Zealand Herald also frequently publishes Tim’s full length travel and music features, as does Let’s Travel magazine. Beyond the Herald, Tim has written for Listener, Concrete Playground, Woman’s Weekly and M2 magazines.

Tim’s travel articles have taken him everywhere from dodging kangaroos in the  Australian Outback, to dog-sled riding in the Oregon snow, to swashbuckling through the Solomon Islands jungle, to staying in a crumbling palace in India, to snorkeling in a Mexican cave, to finding paradise on a deserted Malaysian island, to temple hopping in Cambodia, to climbing the Great Wall of China, to driving the Florida Keys in a convertible Mustang, to visiting the site in Memphis where Martin Luther King was assassinated, to teaching English to school children in Guatemala and a whole lot more. There are the 5-star hotels that have you pinching yourself and there are the 1-star dives where you have to plug the sinkhole to stop the cockroaches. Click on the Travel section to read more.

Tim’s published music articles have included features on U2, Paul McCartney, Queen, Katy Perry, Cat Stevens, Elvis Presley, the Eagles, Chicago and of course, his beloved Bee Gees. Click on the Music section to read more.


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