Reissued Bee Gees LP “To Whom It May Concern” – Pop-up Bee Gees!

Bee Gees, early 70s. A couple of months back Warners in Japan asked me to help transcribe some lyrics for five Bee Gees albums they’re re-releasing and yesterday the CDs arrived in the mail. Which coincidentally times pretty perfectly with my birthday tomorrow so a big thank you to Warners and in particular, Minako Yoshida….

Robin Gibb 1 Year On – Please Don’t Turn Out The Lights

The Bee Gees circa 1981. One year ago today I was lying by the pool in Bali, checking email and realising one of my heroes had just died. If you click here you can link to the piece I wrote later that day in a disastrously a/c-free internet cafe about Robin Gibb’s death and what…