Rare Commodores Concert & Interview Footage From 1980

Here is some sensational footage from 1980 I’d never seen before where an interviewer spoke to each of the six Commodores in their homes in Tuskegee, Alabama. See my buddy Ronald LaPread (bass) from the 8 minute 30 second mark talk about how he can’t not dance while playing, despite the complex choreography. You also get to see Ron play slap bass as good as anyone and realise why physically, people used to mistake him for Marvin Gaye.

This program also includes concert footage from the band’s 1980 Heroes tour, how all the Commodores had university degrees, and Lionel Richie talking about how his Grandmother would still make him go out and buy milk for her. Good on you Lionel. It is also highly possible that Lionel looks better now than he did 30 years ago, as to why, I solely attribute it to the joy selling 120 million albums brings, not to mention the two dozen top 10 hits and the nine number one singles in nine straight years…

Speaking of the Lionel Richie of 30 years later, he is still selling out venues around the world and is known to take to the stage with Ronald and Thomas McClary (Commodores guitarist) from time to time. This is probably as close to a full Lionel – Commodores reunion as we will get and you can read more about it here in my March 18 post about their recent Auckland concert.


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