President Obama’s Lost Theme Song – The Pointer Sisters Funk Classic ‘Yes We Can’

It’s election season (which is almost a permanent state of mind in the USA) and I’ve just rediscovered a Pointer Sisters song which somehow wasn’t Barack Obama’s theme tune four years ago. With wife Michelle delivering a powerful speech yesterday at the DNC and Bill Clinton knocking it out of the park today with a speech so remarkable CNN’s normally hard to excite Wolf Blitzer called it his best of the last 20 years, the stage is set for Obama tomorrow.

This song is unlikely to feature on the final day of the DNC because its title is soooo 2008, even though the song itself was recorded in 1973, but hey. If you only know the Pointer Sisters for songs like He’s So Shy, Jump and I’m So Excited, you might be surprised to discover the breadth of their music, from the Grammy-winning country of Fairytale, to the funk of this classic, Yes We Can.

Girl groups have traditionally shied away from funk, but no-one told the sisters that nearly 40 years ago. Coupled with socially-conscious lyrics much like what the soul giants of the time were singing (Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Staple Singers, Sly & The Family Stone etc), Yes We Can just might be the Pointer Sisters finest work.

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