The Only Station Playing Both ‘Uptown Funk’ & ‘Play That Funky Music’ – Introducing ‘Soul’ On iHeartRadio

Listen to ‘Coast Soul’ by Tim Roxborogh
on Coast FM every Sunday from 6pm-8pm.

Until the station ‘Soul’ launched on iHeartRadio in April 2016 (created by Tim Roxborogh with David Brice), there was no format in New Zealand playing both Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music. Two of the most famous party songs of all time and yet somehow only heard together at weddings, nightclubs, parties and as of the past couple of years, virtually every gathering of humans who like to move their feet. But not on the radio. How odd.

This is just one example explaining what is unique about ‘Soul’ and what you’re missing if you’re not listening.

‘Soul’ plays all the best soul and R&B of the past 50 years. That means you’ll not only hear the 60s classics of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and the Supremes, but also the 70s smashes of the Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder. Then there are the 80s soul and R&B favourites of Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, followed by the 90s hits of Boyz II Men, TLC and Mariah Carey. As far as the 21st century goes, the first 16 years of this millenium are well represented by the likes of Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake.

No matter the era, ‘Soul’ is where you’ll find so much of the greatest music ever made. The umbrella of what is “soul” is big enough to also include the finest songs that fall under the broad classification of “R&B”, not to mention disco, gospel and even a small amount of jazz, blues and the most soulful hip-hop.

‘Soul’ creator Tim Roxborogh with
Aimee Palmer at the station’s launch party in June.

So if you love Motown, Philly-Soul, Blue-eyed Soul and indeed, any kind of soul, tune into ‘Soul’. If you remember late 70s nights dancing to Donna Summer, KC & The Sunshine Band and the Bee Gees, tune into ‘Soul’. If you miss the 90s slow-jams of TLC, Boyz II Men and Toni Braxton, tune into ‘Soul’. If nothing makes you happier than the joyous feel of 60s R&B like the Four Tops, the Temptations and the Supremes, then tune into ‘Soul’. If you like only the most melodic, soulful hip-hop of 2Pac, Blackstreet and Warren G, then tune into ‘Soul’. If both your mind and feet crave the socially-conscious anthems of Sly & The Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield and the O’Jays, then tune into ‘Soul’. And if you want a station that plays the most iconic soul and R&B artists as well as a selection of some of those performers’ hidden gems, then tune into ‘Soul’.

To listen to ‘Soul’ on iHeartRadio is entirely free – all you have to do is create an iHeartRadio account and then click here:

There is also an FM version of ‘Soul’ called ‘Coast Soul’ which broadcasts on the biggest nationwide music station in New Zealand, Coast FM. Every Sunday from 6pm-8pm on Coast FM you can hear Tim Roxborogh present a 2hr showcase of the best easy-listening soul and R&B with core artists including Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye.

Find ‘Soul’ / ‘Coast Soul’ on iHeartRadio simply by doing
a keyword search for the word “soul”.

Regarding Tim Roxborogh, he is a New Zealand broadcasting professional with more than 17years experience. He has hosted music breakfast and music afternoon drive as well as more recently being a top-rated nighttime talk radio host for Newstalk ZB. His music and travel articles are regularly published in the New Zealand Herald and Let’s Travel magazine and on his blog In 2008 he and Commodores bassist Ronald LaPread won a New Zealand Radio for the ‘Best Produced NZ Music Feature’ for their weekly radio series ‘All About Soul’. Eight years later, Ronald has generously gifted his most glorious vocal tones to be the corporate voice for ‘Soul’.

Each week Tim chooses 12 featured artists / songs that he highlights with his own minute-long blocks of audio. These pieces of rotating audio have Tim talking about the songs playing, the stories behind them and sometimes will even include interview clips from the artists in question.

Hopefully that’s all the persuading you’ll need to try ‘Soul’! So once again, all you have to do to listen is create a free iHeartRadio account (it only takes a few seconds) and click here:

Don’t forget as well to listen to ‘Coast Soul’ on Coast FM by tuning in on Sundays between 6pm-8pm. Click here for more information:

And if you’re like us and you can’t believe there hasn’t been a station playing both Uptown Funk and Play That Funky Music, your search is over. Thanks so much for listening, tell all your friends!

For more (including videos, photos and articles of the artists we play) please click ‘like’ on the ‘Soul’ Facebook page:

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