A Food Festival On 1 Of The World’s Largest Coral Islands – The KaiNiue Food Fest

I’ve never been to Niue and it’s on my list. A Pacific Island nation that sits on one of the largest coral islands in the world (Niue is roughly the same size as the island of Penang in Malaysia at 261 square kilometres), a population of just 1600, a mild tropical climate where average daytime highs rarely exceed 28-degrees, a warm and welcoming culture, outstanding snorkeling – what’s not to love?

Here’s a piece I’ve done for the upcoming KaiNiue Food Festival happening this November with some top chefs from New Zealand. If you’re a foodie and you love travel, this should be a lot of fun:

Visit MondoTravel.co.nz for more, or click through to the MSCNewswire website here.

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