My Top 50 Sydney Photos + Unforgettable Exhibitions On Star Wars & The Rolling Stones

“Do you want to go to Sydney to cover a Rolling Stones exhibition and a Star Wars exhibition?” So came the question from my editor and if memory serves me correctly, I gave my first ‘yes’ at “Sydney”, my second ‘yes’ at “Rolling”, and was up to about ‘yes’ number six or seven by the time of the question mark. So yes indeed, I was keen and late last year I hopped across the Tasman for three nights.

Click here to read my New Zealand Herald article about the trip and scroll below for my favourite photos from both these unforgettable exhibitions. ‘Star War Identities’ is at the Powerhouse Museum until June 10 and ‘Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibit’ is at the International Convention Centre until February 3.

As to why these exhibitions were so much fun, well, if you’re a massive Stones’ and Star Wars fan like me, the sheer amount of original memorabilia on display is staggering. ‘Star Wars Identities’ has over 200 models, props and costumes, including – as you’ll see in the photos – things like a Yoda puppet, Darth Vader, the Imperial Star Destroyer and even the cast in carbonite Harrison Ford from The Empire Strikes Back.

For ‘Exhbitionism’, you see everything from guitars to actual stage costumes to a to scale recreation of the first flat the Stones shared together in Edith Grove in the early 60s. Filthy! You also have a 3D concert experience and the chance to remix several classic songs, including Miss You, Start Me Up and Honky Tonk Women.

Beneath the photos from these two exhibitions are some of my favourites from the Sydney CBD and fringe suburbs (I did a fantastic tour with Sydney Architecture Walks), as well as from the restaurants I dined at: Alpha (delicious Greek photo in the heart of the CBD) Don’t Tell Aunty (it’s not hyperbole to say this is as good as any Indian restaurant I’ve experienced – Surry Hills) and Seventeen (fine Australian dining in a beautiful waterfront setting – Dawes Point).

And then to conclude the photos are a dozen from one of Sydney’s most acclaimed new 5-star hotels, the Primus. An Art-Deco classic from pre-WW2, this former civic building was converted into a luxury hotel three years ago. With a retro rooms, a grand column-dominated lobby and a rooftop pool and bar, it’s easy to see why the Primus is getting so much attention. See all the links at the conclusion of the photos. Thanks for reading and get yourself to Sydney ASAP!


NZ Herald Article – Sydney: “Exhibition satisfaction you can get” with Star Wars and the Stones

Star Wars Identities

Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibit

Primus Hotel


Don’t Tell Aunty


Sydney Architecture Walks


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