Check Out Daryl Hall’s Hilari-Awesome Sunglasses On TOTP In 1977! Hall & Oates Song Of The Day, Day 2 – Countdown To Their NZ Concert

For day two in my Hall & Oates countdown before their Auckland concert on Sunday night, I’ve decided to go for the song Brandon Flowers from the Killers once described as “everything you need to know in writing a hit song.”

Rich Girl is perfect pop: two and a half minutes of punchy, hooktastic ear-candy which still stands up today. Released in an era when popular music was quite rightfully testing its boundaries in terms of formatics and length, Rich Girl is a lesson in how chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and fade-out (and all over and done with before you know it) can be just as artistically meritorious as a Bohemian Rhapsody or a Lyin’ Eyes. The very definition of the perfect, short pop song, today’s Hall & Oates’ gem is the 1977 US#1 hit Rich Girl.

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  1. I so remember this song. It reminds me of sailing on the Waitemata Harbour with my family. I LOVED H and H then and downloaded them on to my iPod a year or two ago in that renaisance thing that 40-somethings do! Great coverage Tim thanks.

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