Goodbye To Vancouver, Hello To Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands – November 2010

The intention was never to leave Canada after four months, but the intention when I said goodbye to New Zealand nearly eight months ago was always to have an adventure. And what an adventure.

While I have only seen about 0.00000000000000001% of this massive country, I have explored Vancouver through and through; I’ve sung karaoke half a dozen times, heard Michael Bolton sing live (at a theme park), swum in a lake in the winter paradise that is Whistler (it was summer and 33 degrees celsius), slid down terrifying natural water-slides in Lynn Canyon, slid down real water-slides in Coltus Lake, watched cricket in Stanley Park, played tennis three times a week, built toilet-paper pyramids, experienced a Canadian Thanksgiving (one month before the American one), dressed up for the biggest Halloween of my life (see previous blog entry), crossed the border to see Seattle and a music museum regarded as one of the best in the world (the Experience Music Project) and established and re-established friendships I hope will last a lifetime.

I had just been offered a good job on the ski resort of Mt Seymour as the mountain dispatch/communications guy when a position at Club Med on Lindeman Island in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia presented itself. Ultimately, I felt it was too good to turn down. I will be the resident sound engineer/DJ, plus I will get to play tennis against guests every single day that it’s not raining. How could I say no!?

So with the lure of the Australian sunshine pulling, I am on a plane downunder on November 14 – cannot wait. I will be sad to leave my friends in Canada, just as I was sad leaving my friends in New Zealand back in March. But new adventures await, there are new friends to be made and lifelong friends who I hope will always be there to reconnect with as the years go by.

PS. Yes it’s true, I really was that close to Bolton. And this really was a theme park.

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