Building Enormous Toilet Paper Pyramids – Spare Time In Canada 2010

Sad but true, Toilet Paper Pyramids seem to be met with as much disdain as appreciation. As an art-form, it is still in its infancy, but I take comfort from the fact it is rapidly growing in popularity. I am hopeful that it slowly but surely gets more respect because it requires a wonderful combination of imagination and physics (and spare time/unemployment).

Indeed, some are saying that Toilet Paper Pyramids will be one of the “it” phenomenons next year in 2011. Others do not say this.

Please enjoy some of these recent works from the 2010/2011 Canadian toilet paper season. Also appreciate one of the art-form’s crucial selling points, the skilful dismantling of the structures as captured by lens.

Special thanks to Caz Mackie Toilet Paper Photography who captured some of the best shots of the season, including this one below. Notice how the rolls can bend out of shape upon impact, particularly the roll in the upper-left of the photo below.

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