15 Favourite Photos From Koh Chang, Thailand

A snorkeling / island-hopping trip off the south of Koh Chang.

At the end of 15 days in Burma / Myanmar I thought it would be fun to have a week in Thailand and decided to head to an island I’d never been before, Koh Chang. Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket, Koh Chang didn’t have sealed roads until 10 years ago and was largely unknown to tourists.

Today it is a curious blend of resorts catering to Russian package tours (Hat Kaibae), beautiful Balinese-style suites in neighbourhoods lacking much of a vibe (Ao Klong Prao) and more modest accommodation in villages full of fellow-traveller atmosphere (Lonely Beach). I didn’t get to White Sand Beach, but apparently that has a bit of everything at generally higher prices.

In short, you could stay in a beautiful resort for not much money and meet nobody or stay in a less fancy place for next to no money and meet plenty of interesting people (Lonely Beach). I did a bit of both and Koh Chang’s dense jungle, pretty beaches and cute villages make it a great place to go. And if you want live music, look out for a chap in Lonely Beach who can play any song you can think of who also happens to look mysteriously like John Denver…

Here are my 15 favourite photos from Koh Chang:




















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  1. Mama_zee says:

    Looks a lovely place to visit. Lovely pics.

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