Lulu Turns 65 – A Motown-Sounding Bee Gees Song From 1993

Lulu with then husband Maurice Gibb circa 1970.

Lulu turned 65 this week so here’s a song of hers’ which should’ve been a smash hit during her early 90s comeback, but somehow missed. Written by the Bee Gees (including ex-husband Maurice Gibb), Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms was one of several Motown-styled songs the Gibbs wrote in the late 80s / early 90s with the most prominent being Diana Ross’ Chain Reaction (UK #1 1986) and their own Secret Love (UK #5 1991).

Written in 1990 and recorded by Lulu (with Barry Gibb backing vocals) in 1993, here is Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms:

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