Posing On The Central Coast & The Blue Mountains – Australia 2011

A couple of days ago, talk turned with Aussie friends of mine about a 2015 reunion. I met Swanny and Rach (now because of marriage, Swanny and Swanny?) in Vietnam in 2008 and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. A highlight was undoubtedly being asked to MC their wedding in March of 2013.

While we plot a potential catch-up for the year ahead, here’s a quick look back on a few days in 2011. I’d just finished a six month stint in the Whitsundays in Queensland as part of my 18 month OE and decided to hunker down with Swanny and Rach for a bit while I explored their backyard, the Central Coast, New South Wales. 90 minutes north of Sydney, this is one of the most beautiful and underrated areas of Australia’s eastern seaboard.

One day Swanny and I ventured south west to see the famous Blue Mountains (due west of Sydney) and we struck a stunning blue sky winter’s day. Good times and many, possibly too many, poses for the camera. Enjoy these 35 photos from New South Wales at its picturesque best.

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