Just Who Or What Is Glenn’s Dance?

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Glenn’s Dance is a new blog I’m collaborating on and this is the rundown according to the site’s ecstatic welcome note:

Starring a Club Med set designer, this website is where you can enjoy the unique and at times controversial dancing of Glenn Davis, a phenomenon which takes place after every Club Med show on Lindeman Island, Queensland, Australia. Glenn is not content just to bow when thanked onstage by the master of ceremonies and this website celebrates his routines, choreographed by Glenn himself alongside Tim Roxborogh and Ben Stewart.

Essentially it’s just a bit of fun based on the growing desire of people who partake in shows, be it here at Club Med, on cruise-liners, in theatre companies, Broadway, the West End (not sure about the last two), to do more than just a bow when thanked at the end of the performance. Glenn is a buddy of mine who designs all the sets for the Club Med shows so with the exception of one show, he doesn’t even perform onstage. That fact makes it all the more funny in my mind that Glenn the set designer is the one who gets the greatest applause every night.

Well, that isn’t strictly speaking always the case. As mentioned in the Glenn’s Dance welcome note, Glenn’s thank-you dances/routines are created by Glenn alongside myself (the sound engineer) and Ben Stewart (the lighting director). Sometimes they are genuine team efforts like Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb and at other times they are more like Lennon / McCartney during the final couple of years. One morning I started laughing in bed (not a regular occurence) when the thought of a charade with no answer popped into my head. I explained to Glenn to do a charade with the following actions: movie; three words; first word; three syllables; sounds like; YES! You got it! (finger on the nose in true charade style).

Brilliant comedy, I felt certain. Glenn and Ben were a little nervous but we agreed to do it as one of our early Glenn’s Dances, this before we’d cottoned on to the idea of a handy-cam and the website. In a moment of pure Gervais-like stun the room in awkward silence, Glenn performed The Charade With No Answer. To date, it is the only Glenn’s Dance we have been banned by management from ever performing again due to the way it almost frightened the crowd. “What was the answer?” they so wrongly felt compelled to say. “There is no answer!” hooted the sound engineer. I still regard it as comedy gold, but it may have to be tweaked a little by my co-writers before it gets a repeat performace, gets filmed and makes it to Glenn’s Dance.

Until then, we already have four dances for you to vote on and many more to be uploaded over the coming weeks. Check back every couple of days for the new routines and I hope you get a good laugh out of it, even if it is just the laugh of someone who appreciates the beauty of being able to quieten a previously enthusiastic crowd.

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