Where To Stay In Sydney & Melbourne If You Love Historic Hotels

Melbourne’s Hotel Windsor.

Yesterday the Herald On Sunday published two of my articles in a very swish looking two-page spread. I’ve been ducking across the Tasman a bit lately and figured it might be fun to seek out a couple of not just luxurious hotels, but places with genuine points of difference.

Click here for my article on the 130 year old Hotel Windsor in Melbourne – the oldest luxury hotel in Australia. This is a proudly old-fashioned hotel and is as much for fans of Victorian-era architecture as it is for luxury. And the suite I stayed in is comfortable the largest of my life.

The wraparound deck at Sydney’s InterContinental.

For Sydney I chose the InterContinental, also known for its architecture (the lobby is built inside the old treasury buildings which date back to 1851) but so too for the fact it seems to attract most of the A-list stars when they’re in town. In recent times this includes the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Pink, Russell Brand and Barry Gibb. Having stayed there, I can now see why.

And being that it’s me who wrote these travel articles, I managed to slip Barry’s name into both. Good on me.

My bed in the Hotel Windsor.



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