Waitomo Road Trip In The New V6 Holden VFII – 10 Photos Including The World Famous #Casuallean

Holden’s new VFII.

Just two days out from a road trip to Waitomo in the central North Island for Let’s Travel Magazine (New Zealand’s #1 travel mag – for more go to letstravelmag.com) my car broke down. My trusty, unspectacular, 1600cc 2001 VW Golf station-wagon just conked out. There was also some weird problem with the car occasionally revving crazily when I was stopped at lights or stuck in traffic. Evidently I was waiting for the car to really break down to do something about it. And then it happened.

So without a car, I once again called on the good folks at Schofield Holden in Newmarket. I’d driven a brand new Holden Commodore VFII in January for a New Zealand Herald road trip article around Tauranga and Coromandel – could we do it again?

Fine folks that Ray Smith and the team there are, they provided me with another sparkling Holden, this one also a VFII but a V6 engine instead of a V8. Any minimal reduction in grunt went unnoticed and this beautiful, blue Commodore was once again sublime to drive.

Features like lights that automatically sense when to turn on and windscreen wipers that know when it’s raining may not be unique to Holden, but when matched with the control, comfort, rapid acceleration and flat-out good looks of the VFII, it all adds up to a very attractive package. In short, I’d happily drive one of these every day of the week.

I even thought of this particular VFII as being worthy of a #casuallean – my worldwide photography phenomenon that is – unusually for a phenomenon – yet to catch on.

Enormous thanks again to Ray and everybody else at schofields.co.nz – ’til next time! Here are my top 10 photos of this VFII as seen against the scenic rural backgrounds of Waitomo and the King Country in the North Island. To see the real thing visit Schofield Holden at 15 Maranui Avenue in Newmarket, Auckland.

Scalding my hand on a scorching summer’s day – worth it to do a #casuallean.











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